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A family group that started a small business in the year 2001 with a restaurant named Café Hernán. We are natives from the Galapagos Islands, second Generation. Our grandfather, Segundo Herrera, arrived to Santa Cruz Island by the time of the World War II on March 4 of 1945 aboard the Cañonero Calderón, the Flagship of the Ecuadorian Navy because of its History and achievements in the past. Now this flagship is part of the heritage of Historical Tourism. 

Our grandfather belongs to the few families of the era that lived in the Santa Cruz Island on those hard days. Paradoxically an enchanted paradise, but abandoned by the Central Government and that did not have the minimum basic services that a human being demands. He practiced agriculture, fishing and commerce of goods for surviving and supporting his family.

We inherited from him the most precious values that he taught with good examples, hard work, constancy, responsibility, honesty and solidarity, principles that inspired us to form our small family business. This same values have become the course that drives our business, obviously with aggregate values that we complement every day in order to be competitive in this important economic activity which is tourism. Our objective is to keep improving constantly as time goes by.

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Lobo Marino e Isla Ducan
(Barrio Alborada)
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz
Galápagos, Ecuador

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