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The Galapagos Islands or Archipelago of Colon belong to the Republic of Ecuador. Galapagos Islands are located in South America and are 1,000 km west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. These islands are located at the Equator both in the Northern Hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere.

The geography of this Archipelago is composed of 13 major islands and 6 small islands also existing over 40 small islets disappeared along the Islands. The total area of the Islands is about 5,000 square miles. The Galapagos Islands are relatively young, with an approximate age of five million years old. Some of the islands located at the West of the Archipelago are the ones with the highest volcanic activity and are also the most recent ones to be discovered with only a pair of thousands of years old.

The biggest island of the Archipelago is named Isabella with an area of over 1,700 square miles. The islands that are populated are: Isabella, San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Floreana and an air base in the Baltra Island that meets with the airport. Every single one of this islands posses its own identity in what concerns flora and fauna. Santa Cruz is the second most biggest island of the Archipelago, it is the economic center of the Province of Galapagos and it is where there exists the major concentration for touristic operations and services. In this island we find the head master of the Galapagos National Park and the Scientific Station Charles Darwin which is center of Crianza, Playa Tortuga Bay, Playa el Garrapatero, Punta Estrada, Las Grietas, Cráter los Gemelos. The tourism is the major source of income for the population of Galapagos but fishing, livestock and coffee planting in Galapagos are also very popular.

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